How to Claim AMC NFT?

To claim your AMC NFTs, you need to be a member of the AMC Stubs program, have a WAX blockchain wallet, and then you will receive an email with a code and further instructions on how to redeem your NFTs. Among the top upcoming NFT projects, you can often find AMC NFT. Let's look into what it is, how one can use it, and how the giant of the movie theater world suddenly appeared in the news of the NFT and blockchain world.

So AMC, or AMC Entertainment Holdings, the largest movie theater chain in America and the world, originated in Kansas, decided to launch AMC Stubs and Investor Connect to keep up with technology and trends. Yes, you guessed it right, AMC NFTs are movie-related, and feature posters or characters from relevant movies like Batman or Black Panther. However, there are also specialized NFTs from the movie giant - like the 'I Own AMC' or 'I Own Ape' pieces. They feature movie theater symbols, like the red divider at big events or a pot of popcorn.

Each NFT from AMC has different bonuses. To start participating in AMC drops and be able to receive their NFTs, you must sign up for the AMC Stubs program. In addition to branded NFTs, this program will give you a number of small bonuses as a movie theater chain customer, like one free large popcorn. NFT holders will also be able to qualify for a number of rewards in the form of movie tickets or invitations to special screenings. Pretty good for movie fans, right?

After each drop, AMC sends out emails to AMC Stubs registrants and to claim their NFTs, you must carefully follow the instructions in those letters. AMC is basing their NFTs on the WAX blockchain more and more, and be aware that you will need a wallet for that blockchain to receive and store those NFTs. The emails will also contain a special code that you can use to redeem your NFTs. Coins from these drops can be sold for over $200, according to reports from the network owners. However, keep in mind that you can get bonuses on these NFTs only if they are in your wallet.

How to Claim AMC NFT